Next generation CSR education for the gambling industry

The development goes fast in the CSR field. What was new a year ago is
now standard. The need to understand what is happening is also on a deeper level. How can you
understand the development and what fundamental values does it build?
Therefore, we invite you to an international education in CSR where we review the present and future, risk and opportunities within the CSR field

What was new a year ago is
now standard. New approaches are established and opportunities arise.  
New developed control, Shared Value Strategies, network communication, risk assessment and crisis management, impact assessments, questions about CSR and brands, responsible leadership and integrity. That is why we invite you to this new master in CSR in collaboration with the industry and academia. Read more


With the training we give you as future leaders, the ability to take CSR to the next level and the right conditions to create sustainable and profitable company with a good confidence. 
The education is a collaboration between academia, the gambling industry and organisations and leads to higher education credits., Read more

Start for Step 1: 13-14 may 2019. Step 1 will be in Sweden. Step 2 are planned to 19-20 september 2019. TBD

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